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AirVoice is very easy and small installable software that help you to connect with your Service Provider quickly. TheAcemakers AirVoice Mobile dialer is helpful for you enhance user service in Rajasthan.
Reliability and Flexibility
Reduced Communication Cost

A For a communication purpose AirVoice Device uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signaling. For Mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) call, AirVoice mobile dialer is a very mobile friendly and ease to use to dialer. If you have any version of android mobile it doesn’t matters, it runs very smoothly on any platform also it is compatible with private network. For connecting and Originating VoIP Calls, Airvoice required minimum bandwidth. TheAcemakers provides the facility that you can easily customize your AirVoice Device according to client requirement.

TheAcemakers AirVoice Service is the Software application that is normally used in mobile phones. If any organization wants to control agents work then with the help of AirVoice software you can take control over any phone calls by recording them. If your agent is not present there to take calls then AirVoice Device automatically enables the voice mail system. We know that to send notifications by SMS is the smartest way to connect with the existing users, AirVoice Provides you the way to send SMS to your users. TheAcemakers supports 24*7 Customer Relationship System in Jaipur. It is very suitable device when we want to call of several numbers, AirVoice Dialer provide you a way by which AirVoice Agent Dialer can dial them sequentially or automatically.

Most Common Features of AirVoice:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Script
  • Payment and Service Reminder
  • VoiceMail
  • SMS Notification
  • Multiple Agent Calling Centralized Database
  • Call Center CRM:
  • Call Transfer 9 Extensions:

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