How to Optimize your Facebook Business Page: We know that Social Media Marketing is an important part of digital marketing. Various marketing strategies are a little bit expensive, but social media marketing is free and gives you huge benefits.

It’s fundamental to have your Facebook Business Page accurately upgraded with some SEO best practices keeping in mind the end goal to generate leads and maximize conversions. Most importantly, there is a connection between a well-optimized social presence and your keywords ranking, and in the end, a Facebook Business Page turns into a “second important page” for your online business. There are some important factors you should learn before creating Facebook Business Page. Click Here for Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Rajasthan.

How to Optimize your Facebook Business Page

Customize your tabs

There are some common tabs such as “About”, “Events” and “Photos” are available in the Facebook Business Page but have you any idea you can customize more tab according to your need.

Set aside some time to create tabs that truly apply to your company image. You can even make a web-based business tab that gives you a chance to flaunt your items and services to the social media audiences.

Prime it for SEO

The keywords you are using in your blog post or the website, use them on your Facebook Page, as well.

Place them in your “About” content, utilize them went posting latest updates, and deliberately select the various categories for your business.

Use your photos for the advantage

Posting photographs is awesome—particularly in the background ones—but make your pictures a step further and tag with your products and pages, make SEO-rich subtitles, and use links of your website in the description, as well. Best Digital Marketing Company in Rajasthan.

Use video and make playlists of them

Videos are a great method to attract clients and stand out enough to be noticed.

In any case, rather than simply put a YouTube link, upload your videos directly on Facebook and add them to a playlist. At that point, once clients visit your page, they will view the videos and it will be good for your website visibility and generate leads also.

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